Sunday, July 19, 2009

Latest Creations

I finished the second in my Hackberry series, Strawberry delight (formerly Roughberry). It is an 11 in dia bowl using the same techniques as with "Blueberry" bowl. Anodyne dye, with pryographed rim and the inside finished with food safe carnuba wax.

Strawberry Delight

I also finished my second carved, milk paint platter. As you see below I textured the back with while it was still on the lathe. Then using a new rotary triple bladed carving tool on a dremel I carved the "digital" pattern. The platter is black walnut and I could not decide what color milk pant to use, so I ordered 7 new milk paint colors. With the advice of Vencka, my lovely artistic consultant, we choose Soldier Blue which I think came out very nice. I am really enjoying using the milk paint, as it gives the wood pieces a very unique look.

Black Walnut - 9.5 in dia, carved w/rubbed milk paint
Back side - textured using an eighth inch parting tool

Close up