Monday, August 23, 2010

Back from the Blog Black hole

Just when the neighbors thought the Chip blog had gone the way of some many other novice bloggers, I have regained my motivation. Having started a new career in corporate America my personal time went to zero and so my woodturning and consequently blogging :-( . However, I have slowly regained my personal time and doing some turning with the inspiration of family and friends.

Most notably our dear friends and adopted family in Fredricksburg, Tx, Barron (aka Smitty) and Natalie Smith, who sent me two Banksia nuts. As you can see they are very unusal and I discovered popular amongst woodturners. I turned vases with both nuts. I found it fun to work with though a be messy, and really like the results. The pictured is my initial creation and I just finish a second piece includes torquise inlay for a nice accent.

Banksia Pod

Banksia Vase